Textile and Composite Machinery

Air / Water Jet Looms

Dedicated to satisfying the demands of multi-coloured, wide and value added fabrics, while achieving higher productivity, improving fabric quality and saving energy, we aim to open the doors to a new era of weaving and continue providing you with excellent textile machinery.

Air Jet Loom Tsudakoma ZAX9200i - MASTER
Smart Ecology

Ecology in harmony, the "ZAX9200i MASTER" upgrades the high-speed abilities of Tsudakoma’s best-selling air jet loom the “ZAX9100 Professional.” The ZAX9200i saves resources, energy, and manpower. It is an advanced air jet loom truly worthy of the name “MASTER”. Enabling higher speed operation and an extensive reduction in electrical and air consumption, the ZAX9200i provides a balanced high productivity, value-addition, and energy saving at a high level.

Water Jet Looms Tsudakoma –ZW Series
For the Next Generation

Tsudakoma’s water jet loom “ZW series” has a sales record of 120,000 sets and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as the global standard water jet loom. The new model “ZW8100” has been developed for the next generation by applying Tsudakoma’s long-cultivated knowledge of water-jet weaving. While focusing on higher speed, best quality, wider versatility and higher operability, as well as effective environmental measures, it has been re-designed completely from its frames to the mechanism.

Sizing Machines

The warp preparation process is a key area to determine weaving efficiency and fabric quality.

The Single-End-Sizing System is the most suitable for sizing fine denier filament warps including non-twisted. Making the most of their know-how, Tsudakoma have developed the TTS10F Sizing Machine, a slasher-type Sizing Machine for fine denier yarns. The TTS10F can assure excellent cost performance and produce high quality sized warps.

Composite Machinery

TPS Tsudakoma Prepreg Slitter

Exclusively purposed and designed for carbon prepreg sheet slitting. One-sided contact from pulling out to winding up. Score cutters are employed for easy maintenance and less chip generation. Best tension control based on Tsudakoma’s low-tension winding technology

TAL Tsudakoma Auto Lay-Up Machine

Auto tape lay-up machine suitable for small to medium-sized work pieces. Offering CFRP product forming automation processing by pairing with our TPS carbon prepreg slitter. Compact lay-up head allows laying up in any direction. Non-stop tape cut by Tsudakoma’s original Half-cutting technology. Gantry type high rigid column.

TAL-MUD Multi-axial UD Auto Lay-up System

TAL-MUD Multi-axial UD Auto Lay-up System

CR3300 Rapier Loom

CR3300 Rapier Loom



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