Delivering Value to the Independent Energy Producer

Delivering Value to the Independent Energy Producer

SmartestEnergy Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation and the UK’s leading purchaser and supplier of electricity from the independent generation sector.

SmartestEnergy purchases power from more than 400 independent power producers across the UK, the majority of which generate renewable electricity and good quality Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Generators range from sub-1MW to 420MW and include blue chip industrial companies such as Rolls Royce Power Development, British Sugar and Viridor Waste Management.

As well as the larger industrial generators, our portfolio comprises many smaller generation customers including Biogen (UK) Ltd, a farm biomass site, hydroelectric plants such as Camserney Hydro in the Scottish Highlands, and community-run projects such as The Westray Community Project, a wind turbine financially supported by the communities living on the Orkney Islands where the turbine is situated.

SmartestEnergy also supplies half-hourly metered companies such as Eurostar, L’Oreal and Marks & Spencer with energy from renewable and good quality CHP sources, at prices competitive with traditional power supply. Customers can select any proportion and mix of renewable, good quality CHP and conventional energy.

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