Düsseldorf Branch
Marubeni Europe plc
Benratherstr. 18-20
Düsseldorf 40213

+49 211 36710

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The Düsseldorf branch was established more than 50 years ago. As the main office in continental Europe, the international trading activities are focused on the following Business Divisions:


  • High value-added plastics, films
  • Specialty chemicals, electronic materials
  • Vinyl alkali products, inorganic chemicals


  • Export & import of industrial machinery and plant equipment
  • Various project business (energy/chemical/industrial/infrastructure/heavy duty plant)
  • Renewable energy projects

General Merchandise

  • Rubber products (tyres, conveyor belts)
  • Miscellaneous products

Forest Products

  • Export and import of various paper products of European and Asian origin
  • Export of European pulp and import of pulp from North America

Including the Business Administration team, around 60 highly motivated people are working in the Düsseldorf office.

Hamburg Branch
Marubeni Europe plc
Stadthausbrücke 7
20355 Hamburg

+49 40 37883 0

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The Hamburg Branch focuses on textile business, primarily:

  • Import of man-made fibres and various yarns from Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China to the EU and neighbouring countries.