Milan Branch
Marubeni Europe plc
Via Bonaventura Cavalieri 4
20121 Milan

+39 02 66997 1

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Marubeni established the office in Milan in 1963. As well as Italy it covers some other nearby markets.

Today, there are four main business operations in Milan Branch, as follows:

Lifestyle Textile and Fashion

  • Fashion export
  • Fashion brand development
  • Fashion import
  • Shoes and accessories

Food Products

  • Food raw materials export
  • Food final products export
  • Food raw materials and products import

Chemical Products

  • High value added plastics, films, synthetic rubber
  • Specialty chemicals, electronic materials
  • Basic petrochemicals, vinyl alkali products, inorganic chemicals

Machinery and Plant

  • Export & import of machinery (industrial, transportation, communications etc.)
  • Plant project business (energy/chemical/cement etc.)

Including the above, Milan office is representing Marubeni Group in Italy, seeking further business opportunities and collaborations in all industrial fields (such as Energy, Power, Infrastructure, Metals & Mineral Resource projects, etc.).