Aromatic Polyamide

Brand Name: Reny
Product Group:
  • Plastics & Additives
  • Automotive
  • Composite Materials
  • Aviation & Aeronautic
  • Cable and Wire Industry
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Semiconductor
Use: Reny is a proprietary molding compound based on polyamide MXD6(PAMXD6) that has been reinforced mainly with glassfiber or special mineral fillers. Reny generally has a higher mechanical strength and modulus than other engineering plastics. Thus, Reny is suitable as a metal substitute in many applications, especially for structural components under high stress. Currently, Reny is used in a wide range of applications, including automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery and construction.
Description: Special features:

Excellent mechanical strength and modulus over a wide range of temperatures
Superior to commodity polyamides in dimensional stability and mechanical strength due to low water absorption
Low thermal expansion coefficient, equivalent to that of metal alloys
Highly resistant to oils and organic solvents
Low mold shrinkage and low warpage
Good surface finish even in highly filled grades
Country of origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
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