Brand Name: 2F
Product Group:
  • Agrichemicals
  • Food Additives
  • Agricultural
  • Food Industry
Use: DEXTRANASE 2F is an Enzyme that is widely used in the sugar industry, especially if the temperature increases after a frost period and frozen sugar beets thaw again.
Once this climate change happens to the beets, bacteria can colonise and create the polymer Dextran which appears as a slimy mass.

The presence of Dextran in the beet juice cause severe problems in the filtration.
Juice containing Dextran shows a very low filtration rate and poor crystallization, which in the worst case, can lead to a standstill of the whole production causing high costs.
Description: The MKFC DEXTRANASE 2F Enzyme is prepared from a culture of Chaetomium Gracile. It can hydrolyse and successfully eliminate the interference in filtration and crystallization caused by Detran.

DEXTRANASE 2F received positive agreement of AFSSA as well as US FDA GRAS notice.
The product is Halal certified.
Country of origin: Japan
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