Brand Name: MAN
Product Group:
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Vinyl Alkali Products
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical
  • Cable and Wire Industry
  • Construction
  • Medical Care
  • Paint & Coating Industry
Use: Methacrylonitrile (MAN) readily undergoes co-polymerization with Acrylonitrile (AN), Butadiene, Styrene, Acrylic and Methacrylic Acid and Esters
As a typical effect as comonomer, it provides excellent heat and solvent resistance as well as high gas barrier characteristics and physical strength.
Typical applications are: production of Polymers, Intermediates, Plastics and Coatings
Description: It is a clear, colourless liquid with higher boiling point and lower water solubility than Acrylonitrile (AN)
CAS NO.: 126-98-7
EC No.: 204-817-5
Country of origin: Japan
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