PVDC resin

Brand Name: PVDC Resin F310
Product Group:
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Paint & Coating Industry
Use: Asahi Kasei PVDC Resin F310 Barrier Polymer is a “general purpose” non-crystalline copolymer providing moderate barrier. Commercial applications include abrasion-resistant binder for magnetic tapes, adhesives, and coatings for detergent boxboard. Readily applied by a variety of coating procedures including rotogravure, dip, and spray.
Description: Solvent-Soluble Barrier Polymer with following characteristics:
- High coating weights
- Good oxygen and water vapor barrier
- Good abrasion and adhesion performance
- Lacquer stability is unaffected by shear, pH, or temperature
Country of origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation
Website: http://acpvdc.com/en/
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