Brand Name: Tuftec™
Product Group:
  • Plastics & Additives
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Composite Materials
  • Cable and Wire Industry
  • Construction
  • Food Industry
  • Health Care
  • Medical Care
  • Paint & Coating Industry
  • Packaging
Use: Modifier for PP, PE, PS, and other commodity plastics.

Modifier for PA, PET, PBT, PPS, mPPE, PC, and other engineering plastics.

Modifier for epoxy, phenol, and other heat-cured plastics.

Shrinkage reducer for SMC, BMC, and other unsaturated polyester plastics.

Compatibilizer for differing plastics and compounds.

Base polymer for pressure-sensitive adhesives and sealants.

Binder for coating components.

Adhesive for multilayer materials.

Base polymer for a broad range of compounds.
Description: Tuftec™ is a hydrogenated styrene/butadiene block copolymer. As a high-performance styrenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it is characterized by outstanding weatherability and thermal properties, as well as superior elastomeric characteristics.

It is a product of continuing leadership in polymer chemistry and process technology, marked by the original introduction of the Tuftec™ H series in 1987 as the world’s second saturated styrenic TPE to enter commercial production, preceded only by Shell Chemical of the U.S., by the introduction of the Tuftec™ M series as the world’s first reactive TPE, and most recently by the introduction of Tuftec™ P, the latest series in an array of world-leading TPEs.

The new Tuftec™ P series meets advanced and diversifying market needs. Through site-selective hydrogenation of its styrene/butadiene/styrene (SBS) polymer chain, the P series elastomers are intrinsically superior to conventional SBS in thermal properties and to saturated styrenic elastomers (SEBS) in processability and low-temperature properties. This selective hydrogenation technology also enables polymer design for enhanced overall performance and specific characteristics unattainable in other styrenic elastomers.

Chemical Formula: Styrene Block Copolymer
CAS NO.: 66070-58-4
Country of origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation
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