Takiron SD Sheets

Brand Name: Takiron Static Dissipative Sheets
Product Group:
  • Plastics & Additives
  • IT
  • Machinery
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
Use: The sheets are used either for partition of clean-rooms or as housing for machinery where electronic discharge is necessary.
Description: We have different materials in our range based on PVC or PC. Main function of this material is surface resistance of 10 6 – 10 8 Ω. Dimensions of these products are as follows: 2,424 x 1,212 x 3-10 mm (PVC) or 2,440 x 1,220 x 5 mm (PC). Both PVC and PC sheets are available in a range of different colours.
Country of origin: Japan
Manufacturer: C.I. Takiron Corporation
Website: https://www.takiron.co.jp/english/product/product_03/
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