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About Us

Marubeni Europe plc and Marubeni International (Europe) GmbH are subsidiaries of Marubeni Corporation, one of Japan’s leading general trading companies or “sogo shosha”.  Our trading activities span a broad range of goods and commodities, including machinery and equipment.

The traditional role of a sogo shosha is to act as an intermediary in various types of trade, but we also facilitate transactions by providing expertise in financing, logistics and risk management, built up during our long experience of international trade.

As well as our trading operations, we are a major investor, and we act as organisers for large-scale projects in various sectors, notably energy, power and transportation.

Marubeni has had offices in Europe for over 50 years. As part of the Marubeni Group, comprising 136 branches in 68 countries and regions, we have access to an extensive and exclusive business information network.