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Agri-Input Business

Marubeni distributes a range of agri-input products including fertilisers, seeds and Helena-brand products (developed by Marubeni Group company Helena Chemical, which is the 2nd largest agri-inputs distributor in the US).


Our fertiliser raw materials business, trading sulphur, sulphuric acid and ammonia, is built on long-term relationships with our suppliers and our own dedicated vessels for distribution.

Agrovista UK

Established more than 60 years ago, Agrovista is one of the leading national distributors of agri-input products in the UK, with around 20% of the UK market. Agrovista’s team of agronomists provide advice, based on extensive research, and a range of technical services to assist growers.

To learn more please see the video below.


Mertens is the third largest products distributor for horticulture in the Netherlands. Specialist agronomists advise growers based on their needs, and offer rapid delivery of more than 7,000 products stocked.

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Group Companies