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Food Products

We handle a wide range of products of European and African origin, including marine products, dairy products, coffee, juices and essential oils. We also import a selection of Japanese food products.

Seafood business

Marubeni’s seafood business comprises an integrated operations system that covers everything from production and purchasing to processing and sales.

Utilising our network of operations in North America, Europe and Africa, we are able to secure a stable supply of marine products, and to respond to the increasing demand for seafood products from Europe and other markets around the world.

With processing facilities established in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, we are well-positioned to supply a diverse range of marine products to meet consumers’ changing needs.

Coffee business

Established in 1986, Panfoods is the sales arm of Cia. Iguaçu de Café Solúvel, a member of the Marubeni Group that produces instant coffee. Its office in London handles a broad range of products including freeze-dried coffee, cappuccino and 3-in-1 coffee (coffee with sugar and creamer included).

Clients include well-known coffee producers, supermarkets and manufacturers that use raw coffee ingredients. Coffee sold by Panfoods is consumed all over the world, from street stalls in Nigeria to fashionable cafes in Germany.

Group Companies