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Power Business

We are a leading player in the IPP (Independent Power Producer) business, with a proven track record and extensive assets worldwide.  As well as conventional power plants we are active in renewable energy such as offshore wind and solar power.


Developing a presence in Portugal

Marubeni entered the Portuguese domestic electricity supply business in October 2013, by acquiring 50% of TrustEnergy, a power generation asset portfolio with the second highest generation capacity in the country, from Engie (formerly GDF Suez).

TrustEnergy’s power generating assets consist of natural gas-fired combined-cycle plants, coal-fired plants and wind farms, producing about 15% of the total power used in Portugal.

Smartest Energy

Delivering Value to the Independent Energy Producer

SmartestEnergy is the UK’s leading purchaser and supplier of electricity from the independent generation sector, purchasing power from more than 400 independent power producers across the UK and supplying companies such as Eurostar, L’Oreal and Marks & Spencer with energy from renewable and good quality CHP sources.

Group Companies