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Asphalt Release Agent

Asphalt Release Agent
Brand Name


Product Group
  • Chemical Products
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Performance Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals

Asphalt, construction, tool cleaning


Asphalt Release Agent.

Available in 20L pails, 200L drums and 1000L IBC’s.


Marucote is an environmentally friendly asphalt release agent, readily biodegradable and non harmful. Marucote significantly reduces sticky asphalt adhering to a variety of surfaces and can be applied with either a brush or a spray. Marucote stops the accumulation of Asphalt/bitumen on your work tools (Wheelbarrows, Shovels, Rakes etc) and heavy machines. It can also be used to line production chutes during production/recycling processes. Marucote is the perfect solution to maintain your heavy duty equipment in good condition.


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