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Coreless & Brushless DC Micro Motors

Coreless & Brushless DC Micro Motors
Product Group
  • Electronic & Inorganic Materials
  • Dental Tools
  • Masks
  • Medical Tools
  • Pick & Place Machines
  • Printing
  • Pumps
  • Security
  • Semiconductors

Coreless & Brushless DC Micro Motors are used in many applications where quick response, precision and long lifetime is required.
Due to their small size and high-performance, micro motors are used in any application that uses motors to automate processes or to support human labour.
Whether a coreless or a brushless motor is more suitable for an application is very much dependent on the product lifespan.


The world of micro motors is huge with different motor types and sizes used for different applications. We focus on coreless & brushless DC motors with a diameter of 4 – 22mm.
With a share of about 10% of global coreless motor sales, C.I. Takiron is one of the biggest players in the micro motor market.
For more than 30 years C.I. Takiron have been producing customized micro motors for their customers with Japanese style production control.
Motors can be acquired with or without gearhead.

For more technical information visit C.I. Takiron’s website or ask your questions via the enquiry form.


C. I. Takiron

Country of origin

China / Japan


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