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FOSB Front Opening Shipping Box (Automatic Door)

FOSB Front Opening Shipping Box (Automatic Door)
Brand Name

KT 3004A, KT 3004-A2, KT 3004-A3

Product Group
  • Electronic Materials
  • Semiconductor

Miraial is developing products for the semiconductor industry based on the precision molding and processing technology for high-function plastics.

The KT 3004 series are 300 mm wafer shipping containers used for safely transporting wafers.
It can be opened and closed using a robot to contribute to the ongoing automation in the wafer shipping and acceptance process.


The 300 mm wafer transport container is designed to be environmentally friendly and save resources by only requiring the necessary parts to be replaced.

The Miraial Auto Door FOSB can be opened and closed automatically by a load port and also manually. A handle, top flange, or infopad can be attached as options. All these parts can be completely disassembled for recycling.

The KT 3004 series complies with SEMI standard (M31/E1.9/E47.1/E15.1/E57/E62) It is designed to improve the wafer position accuracy as well as the operability.


Miraial Co., Ltd.

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