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FOUP Front Opening Unified Pod

FOUP Front Opening Unified Pod
Product Group
  • Electronic Materials
  • Semiconductor

Miraial is developing products for the semiconductor industry based on the precision molding and processing technology for high-function plastics.

The KT 3003 is a 300 mm wafer in-process container (FOUP) that can be used for a long period of time thanks to high dimensional accuracy and use of carefully selected plastics.


The KT 3003 is a FOUP which is designed with redundant lid gaskets that are used to prevent particles from entering from the outside.
In addition, a round latch is used to reduce the opening surface area around the latch key to prevent particles from flying in from inside the lid.
The KT 3003 FOUP holds 26 wafers (The 26th wafer is a dummy that is used to protect the 25th wafer). This container is designed to be environmentally friendly and save resources by only requiring the necessary parts to be replaced.

The Miraial FOUP complies with SEMI standards (M31/E1.9/E47.1/E15.1/E57/E62)
All major parts are made of conductive materials (E7~E10)

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