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Melamine Foam Blocks

Melamine Foam Blocks

Brand Name


Product Group
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Performance Chemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals

Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Cleanliness


Vixum is a versatile foam, easy to cut, and widely use in construction, transportation and industry for its outstanding performances. It can also be used for abrasive pads or sponges.
– walls, ceilings, and floors of buildings
– conference rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, studios, and music practice rooms, anechoic rooms
– machine rooms, power rooms, and air conditioning rooms, power generators
– interiors of aircrafts and high-speed trains
– noise barriers along roads and railroads
– interior of passenger and commercial vehicles
– air conditioning equipment and silencers
– noise transmission prevention between adjacent floors
– pipes, tanks, and Duct insulation


VIXUM is a thermosetting, melamine resin foam, with 3D hexagonal and open Cells reticular structure. Thermal Insulation 0.032W/m*K – Lightweight 10Kgs/m3 – Heat Resist -200~+240°C – Formaldehyde content <400Mg/Kg – OekoTex 100 – REACH SVHC – UL94 V-0

Marubeni is the worldwide distributor of Vixum.


Dong Sung – South Korea

Country of origin

South Korea


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