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PVDC coated PET film

PVDC coated PET film
Product Group
  • Plastics & Additives
  • Food Industry
  • Packaging

With middle barrier level of OTR and WVTR, PVDC coated film can be used in packaging field for food, medicine and chemicals etc. to extend shelf life.


Coated film is a functional packaging film which is mainly used for packaging of food, drugs, cosmetics and other consumer goods. In comparison with other common films, coated films have superior barrier properties, heat sealability and printability, consequently they are often used to package goods to extend their shelf life and prevent tampering.

We offer 3 types of coated films—PVDC, Acrylic, and PVOH coated film. PVDC coated films have high moisture and oxygen barriers, as well as transparent quality that are required in “see-through” food packaging. Our acrylic coated films are used as overwraps due to their low sealing point, which also offers high aroma barrier with excellent printability and good finishing appearance. Our PVOH coated films have the highest oxygen barriers, which is the perfect choice for the oxygen-sensitive products, like nuts. Furthermore, our PVOH coated film is not sensitive to moisture.

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