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Riken Technos Film

Riken Technos Film
Brand Name

Riken Film

Product Group
  • Film & Sheet
  • Furniture Industry

The products are well known for their brilliance, finish and easy processing. A speciality in Europe is a Highgloss film composed of PVC, PET and NON PVC material. This product is mainly used for front doors in kitchen, bathroom and other furniture.


The products are based on PVC, PET or NON PVC materials. Thickness is between 0.25 mm and 0.50 mm. Film will be pressed on MDF or chipboard. Length of the roll is about 250 – 300 lm and a wide variety of colours is available from stock held in Germany and other locations in Europe. Uni colours and wood grains are available.

Country of origin

Japan and Korea


Riken Technos Corporation


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